Play for Today: Circle

March 14, 2014

Today is Pi Day.

What play should we choose for Pi Day? Why, Circle, of course. (The area of this play -- or, well, actually, of a circle -- is pi times the square of its radius.)

CircleCircle, seriously now. is a wonderful play by Suzanne Bachner that modernizes and updates the classic Schnitzler play Reigen (which has come to be known as La Ronde). Suzanne has written, "I felt that there was room to create more of a riff on the piece, to reflect the full spectrum of human sexuality and 21st century sexual practices and instead of replicating the class issues, to infuse the sexually linked daisy chain story with what I tend to explore in my theatrical work—intimacy, power and human connection."

Circle opened at the Kraine Theatre in the East Village in 2002 and ran for five months--making it one of the biggest hits in indie theater history.

The play was originally performed by five actors; a two-person version (featuring her husband Bob Brader) had a long and successful tour recently and, we hope, will be back in NYC soon! Meanwhile, enjoy it here on Indie Theater Now.





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