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  • Play for Today: "Words, Razors, and the Wounded Heart"

    The newest play in the ITN library is this one by James Presson, which updates Jacobean revenge tragedy to the American suburbs of today.

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  • Martin on New Plays: All My Children

    "Dr. Courtenay Grean is America's leading frozen family advocate and proud mom of 23 could-be-kids in a cryo-can. She wants to show you how to 'have it all by not having them.'" That's from the program provided with All My Children, the disappointing solo show written and performed by Courtenay Raia, presented at FringeNYC.

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  • Indie Artists on New Plays: Seven Seductions of Taylor Swift

    The premise behind the new solo project titled Seven Seductions of Taylor Swift, finishing up this weekend at the New York International Fringe Festival, is to showcase the wide variety of reigning America’s Sweetheart Taylor Swift’s taste in men. All of said men are played, quite endearingly in almost all cases, by the comedically talented Thaddeus Shafer. 

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  • Playwrights on New Plays: Playground

    A smartly crafted exploration of volatile relationships set against the backdrop of a Brooklyn bodega. Chris (WooJae Chung) and Ezekiel (Aron Canter), co-workers at the bodega, talk in clipped brospeak about women, or rather, Chris’ lack of a girlfriend.

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  • The Farm Report: First Day of Rehearsal at Ashland

    The Farm Theater in collaboration with three colleges (Ashland University, Clark University, and Centre College) commissioned playwright Lindsay Joy to write a play. This blog is to document the journey of the play and be a place for all of us (you included) to join the creative conversation.

    Padraic Lilllis reports on the first day of rehearsal for the Lindsay Joy script that's being developed by the Farm Theatre's College Collaboration project.

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  • From the Editor: Announcing Treehouse Theater's Educational Program

    Rob Reese, education director at the brand new Treehouse Theater in NYC, announces the fall curriculum at this midtown institution.

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