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  • Indie Artists on Indie Theater: Penny Jackson Interviews Jody Christopherson

    Playwright Penny Jackson talks to Jody Christopherson about her upcoming exhibit of photos of women playwrights at Dixon Place.

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  • Indie Artists on New Plays: About Face

    Essie Martsinkovsky has written and the cast at The Brick Theater, in Williamsburg, created a beautiful 70-minute glimpse into the lives of several Refuseniks; Jewish Russians trying desperately to escape that Soviet machine and assimilate into new lives here in America.

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  • Playwrights on New Plays: Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy)

    As you might have guessed, Eric Idle and John Du Prez's Not The Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy) is lightly inspired by Handel's Christmas oratorio Messiah, which is performed by many choirs and orchestras around this time of year.

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  • Martin on New Plays: If Colorado Had an Ocean...

    Mike Gorman's new play at La MaMa, "If Colorado Had an Ocean...," is a play about construction--the artistic kind and the possibly more prosaic but just as essential tangible kind; it's a play about possibilities, even those--like the supposition posed in the play's title--that are not so attainable.

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  • The Farm Report: New Team - New Questions

    The Farm Theater in collaboration with three colleges (Ashland University, Clark University, and Centre College) commissioned playwright Lindsay Joy to write a play. This blog is to document the journey of the play and be a place for all of us (you included) to join the creative conversation.

    A look at pre-rehearsals at Centre College for the Farm Theater college collaboration project.

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  • From the Editor: Flux Theatre Ensemble is a Person of the Decade

    Flux Theatre Ensemble is the second "Person of the Decade" in the Indie Theater Hall of Fame.

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