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Adapting: Second Drafts and Sets of Eyes
Indie Artists on Indie Theater

The second in a five part series on adapting a play from a novel as it occurs.

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In Flight
Playwrights on New Plays

Travel writing can be considered literature. Everyone from Dumas to Che Guevara wrote travelogues. In our age, where airline magazines offer travel ideas albeit with a distinct agenda, it may be time to ask “is any of this stuff real?” I spent a couplet of hours enjoying Jenny Lyn Bader’s take on this in her new verse play In Flight, directed by Jessica Bauman.

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Indie Artists on New Plays

A play should always be about something. Mammoth: A De-Extinction Love Story, purports to be about two things: the de-extinction of the wooly mammoth, and love. As a play about the former, it fails—in fact, it seems to have little to say about mammoths and even less to say about de-extinction. So how does it fare as a play about love?

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